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Sponsoring Sheffield FC – The World’s First Football Club

As a long-standing football fan, it’s not every day that you get the opportunity to be a part of history. However, that’s exactly what our sponsorship of Sheffield FC has allowed us to do. Founded in 1857, Sheffield FC is officially recognised as the world's first football club, and we’re proud to be associated with such a storied and iconic organisation.

For those who may not be familiar with the club’s history, Sheffield FC was founded by a group of cricketers who decided to form a football club during the winter months when cricket was not being played. Sheffield’s near neighbour, Hallam FC was formed in 1860 and in the same year the two clubs first met each other in a Local Derby which is still contested today. They became members of The Football Association on 30 November 1863 but continued to use their own set of rules. On 2 January 1865, the club played its first fixture outside Sheffield against Nottingham playing eighteen-a-side under Nottingham Rules.

Fast forward to the present day, and Sheffield FC is still going strong, currently in the 8th tier of the football league – the NPL East. For a couple more seasons they will be found playing their home games at the ‘Home of Football’ stadium just outside Sheffield but plans are now well on their way to see them move to their new home at the Old Transport Ground in Sheffield. As a sponsor, we’re thrilled to be a part of their journey towards a new stadium, which will allow the club to continue to grow and thrive for years to come.

But our involvement with Sheffield FC goes beyond just sponsorship. We’re also proud to be a part of a community that values inclusivity, diversity, and sportsmanship. The club has a strong commitment to promoting equality and breaking down barriers, which aligns with our own values as a company.

In addition, Sheffield FC has a thriving youth system, which provides opportunities for young people to develop their skills and build lifelong friendships through football. We believe that investing in youth is crucial for the future of any sport, and we’re proud to support Sheffield FC in their efforts to nurture the next generation of football stars.

Our first full season with Sheffield FC has been a truly rewarding experience. We’ve had the opportunity to support a club with a rich history and a bright future, while also promoting the values that we hold dear as a company. We’re excited to continue this partnership into the next season and beyond, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Sheffield FC!

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