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Propensio’s tips on choosing a supplier

Propensio is a lender that only works with carefully vetted firms with first rate reputations. Propensio recognises that choosing a tradesperson to carry out work in your home can be a formidable task.

How do you know the supplier you choose is reliable or professional? How do you know their work will meet the standards you expect? That is why Propensio has done the hard work in checking out the home improvement firms for you. Once you have decided on your supplier, and you are looking for finance, have them contact Propensio who may be able to work with them to get you a great finance deal. Here at Propensio, we are always looking to work with high quality suppliers.

So, here are our tips to help you choose.

Whatever you want doing, the right home improvement company is out there. They can always be found providing you follow some common-sense advice and a few well-worn rules.

To start with, check to see if there is an industry association for the type of work or project you want done, then look through the directories for a supplier who is a member.

The best way is always from a personal recommendation. Ask around and see if one of your friends or colleagues has had similar work done and were satisfied. Maybe they know someone who has had work completed and is happy. Ask them to put you in touch.

Look out for any trade signs erected in your area while similar work is carried out on a house then talk to the home-owner to see if it has been carried out satisfactorily. If they are happy, they will usually say. And if they’re not…

Another confidence check is to look through any advertising material the supplier may have – web site, social media, brochures or advertisement. See if there are any customer testimonials. Proud suppliers will willingly pass on the details of happy customers and show testimonials.

Failing all, find out as much as you can about the nature of the work you want carried out. What are the main considerations? Perhaps it’s a safety guarantee or other warranties? Or the type of materials used?

Make sure you get quotes for the job from several suppliers and discuss the options with each. You’ll soon learn a surprising amount about how the job should be carried out and what the options are.

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