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Bluebell Wood Dragon Boat Race 2023

On Saturday 8th July our team embarked on a memorable adventure at Manvers Lake, where we participated in a thrilling dragon boat race. It wasn't just an ordinary race but a fantastic opportunity to come together as a team, have fun, and most importantly, contribute to a noble cause which is Bluebell Wood Children's Hospice. The event was part of a charity fun day aimed at raising funds and awareness for an amazing organisation.

Months of preparation had gone into our charity day, preparing for battle and deciding who would be participating rowing the boat, the actives and games we would be playing to raise extra money which included wine or water, name the dragon, how many sweets in the jar, accompanied with the sale of lots of savory and sweet treats!

As we gathered at the starting line, we were pumped with adrenaline, remember the reason we were there and knowing our efforts would make a difference to the charity which added an extra layer of motivation. The sound of the drums banging on the boats, the noise of our team on the boat and on the side cheering us on enhanced us getting through the first heat… then again for the second but when it came to the Semi Finals the Propensio Paddlers seemed to of used their motivation right at the very beginning meaning we didn’t win. But it wasn’t just winning this would have been a bonus; it was the taking part that counts.

Our team’s participation in the dragon boat race at Manvers Lake charity fun day was an unforgettable experience. It embodied the true spirit of teamwork, and unity. We came together not only to compete but also to support a worthy cause whilst creating cherished memories and lasting bonds within our team.

In total we have raised just over five times our £500.00 goal with a staggering £2583.75

From team Propensio, thank you to all that was involved, contributed, and helped us exceed our target for Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice

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