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We have developed our Point of Sale and Supplier interface system to take advantage of current technology. Our dealer portal allows our introducers to directly propose a customer into our system, to monitor its progress via real-time queues and the ability to offer a paperless, e-signature document to customers.

However, we also recognise that, up to this point, your customer applications may have been through a completely computerised and automated credit scoring and underwriting process. We have found that in order to maximise acceptance rates, the only way to do that is to let a real person view the application.

Once accepted we can handle all of the documentation processes directly with the customer – issuing e-signature documents and advising you of completion. If, however, you prefer to do this to retain contact with the customer through this key stage of the process, we can also facilitate that. Whatever works best for your particular business and customer.

Our loan product is a standard interest-bearing, unsecured, fixed sum loan agreement with a term of up to 120 months. The customer still has all of the benefits that you will have discussed with them at the point of sale. Payment of the advance will be made directly to you, the supplier, upon completion.

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